What is VPN | VPN use in Mobile & Computers

What is VPN, It’s Full Form & Meaning | How Does It Work | Setup VPN in Your Mobile & Computer

VPN full form is Virtual Private Network (VPN) :-

What is VPN full form & meaning | How to setup VPN on mobile & computer

VPN is one of the best solutions for remote access that provides highly secure communication with access. It is, therefore, a secure network. VPN enhances productivity by extending the business or organization networks and with its specially designed flexibility, with fewer communication charges.

Using the benefits of VPN technology, users can perform office work around the world; therefore, enabling better work schedules and high response times.

Here is a brief overview of Virtual Private Network or commonly known as VPN, how it works and what it can do to your business.

Scale Your Network Better by Understanding VPN

In the past, online business has relied on leased dedicated circuits like T1, ISDN and OC3, and others to interconnect their offices. Leased circuits provide a reliable, private and secure method to share business communication, but these circuits come with limitations. Leased circuits can be more cost and cost increases as the distance of organization increases. Also, workers were also required to go to offices to access the business network resources. So Virtual Private Network changed all of this.

How is VPN Different from Other Network Access?

We live in a community where the products that we use are delivered to us by specific transport systems. VPN acts as enclosed transport carriers that provide swift delivery of information without exposing secured and private information. Other network access tends to deliver information with the risk of exposing security data. The use of VPN technology enables us to better use existing data services and provide connectivity from multiple locations. Scalability is, therefore, another advantage of VPN compared to other network access.

How Does a VPN work?

Virtual Private Network relies on tunneling that to configure a private network that reaches across the web. Mainly, tunneling is placing an entire packet with other packet and sends to an internet network. The protocol understand by networks on both points and these points are called tunnel interfaces, and this is where the packet enters and exits the network.

Tunneling needs different types of protocols, they are carrier protocol, encapsulating protocol and the passenger protocol.

  1. Carrier protocol is used by the network, in which the information is traveling over.
  2. Encapsulating protocol is the protocol for SSL, IP sec or others that are wrapped around the original data.
  3. Lastly, the passenger protocol pertains to the original data such as IPE, IPX, and others.

Now, we have received a lot of information about the VPN. Then we need to know how to use these VPNs in our Desktop Computer or SmartPhone.

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How to setup VPN in your computer?

If you want to use VPN on your desktop, then you have to use Opera Developer Application. Just download and install that application.

    1. First, after installing, you have to open the app, now in it, you will see an option of Menu in the top side, you will have to click on it, then click on Setting.
    2. By clicking on Setting, you will have the option of Privacy and Security, then clicking it, you will see the option of VPN, there you will have to tick on Enable VPN.
    3. Just doing this, VPN will become activate in your Opera browser, now you can access all blocked websites.
    4. Now you can see VPN written near the URL of the browser, by clicking on it you can turn VPN on / off whenever you want, as well as change the location wherever you want.

 Best VPN Software for Desktop (Windows 10)

Although there are many VPN software available on the internet but choosing the right VPN is very difficult. So I have prepared a list of best Windows 10 VPN software that you can install on your Windows 10 computer and save your identity.

By the way, most of these VPN services are both free and paid, so if you are a normal user then you can use Free VPN Service.

  • Windsribe
  • Total VPN
  • Openvpn
  • Tunnel bear
  • Zenmate
  • Surf Easy
  • CyberGhost
  • Hotspot shield
  • Finch VPN
  • ZPN connect

How to setup VPN on Android & iPhone Mobile

If you want to set up VPN on your Android & iPhone then you can do it very easily, for this, you just have to download that VPN app from Playstore (Android) or AppStore (iOS) from your mobile and then install it and use it. So let’s learn how to use an app for VPN correctly.


  1. Download a VPN app in your smartphone, such as Windscribe. Install it on your mobile, just like you install an app.
  2. After doing this, you have to open that app and then you have to set the location you want. After it, you have to click on the Connect you see on your mobile screen.
  3. VPN network will be activated in your smartphone.


What are the best Android VPN apps for a smartphone?

Here I have made a list of best Android VNP apps, which you can install any one of the Android App according to your requirement.

  • Expressvpn
  • Windscribe
  • Nordvpn
  • Tiger VPN
  • SaferVPN
  • Buffered VPN


As you can see, VPNs play an important role in scaling your network. It helps people from all over the world to connect in a secure way and be liberated from an information-blocking environment. VPN technology, therefore, brings individuals and businesses a sustained sense of freedom.

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